DIY vs. Professional

One of our concerns as elder law attorneys is making sure our clients have well-drafted legally enforceable documents to help them through difficult stages in life, when they can no longer make their own decisions about health care, end of life decisions or financial well-being.

It is so very important for people to not only have the correct documents, but to fully understand what they mean and what power they are giving, and to whom.  That requires the counseling skills of an attorney and counselor at law.

Recently, a trend we have been seeing is people who attended will seminars and did “fill-in-the-blank” documents or filled in online documents, in order to obtain affordable estate planning.  The problem is nobody actually counseled these people or gave them advice tailored to their individual situations.  The end result is often the documents do not do what was intended.  This can create gaps in planning that often times only court involvement can resolve.

Anyone can fill in a form, but if it is not fully explained to them by someone with a specialized legal background, the end result can create more problems than it solves.

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