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Newest member of the team


The newest member of The Germany Law Firm staff is a 16 week old Guide Dog for the Blind puppy named Tuppence, who comes to the office on a part-time basis.  Her puppy raiser, Cathy, is a Legal Assistant in the office and part-time puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind in California.  Tuppence is the third puppy Cathy has raised for the organization and she’s thrilled to be able to work on the puppy’s training and socialization skills while at work.

Tuppence greets clients at the door (sometimes a little too enthusiastically!), trots around after whoever has doggie treats, and snoozes wherever she pleases.  She enjoys her lunchtime walks around the park in Erie Village and comes back to the office ready for another nap under Cathy’s desk.  Hopefully, it won’t be long before Tuppence is hired on full-time in the office and you’ll meet her the next time you’re in.

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