It is 2 am and I cannot sleep like most people right now absorbing the fact our entire world has changed in the last week.  We have gone from working, going about our day, to the whole world being trapped at home on a Stay at Home Order from our Governor.  Never in the history of our lives have we known what it means to endure a pandemic.

Facing your mortality is not a happy or fun topic.  But it is real, and this situation IS happening, whether we like it or not.   We are facing possibly one of the biggest medical and financial crises our country has ever seen.  The reality is none of us are ready for this and we cannot control it.  We are all doing our part to quarantine ourselves in our homes and limit our exposure to each other.  But if the virus infects us, we will hopefully recover, but some of us will not.  Hospitals and medical staff are being tested like never before and will have to make some tough decisions.  So, folks, please…let’s make their job easier and give ourselves some options.

An advanced directive/living will is so important.  It states what our wishes are if we are terminally ill or in a vegetative state.  It specifically directs if we want a ventilator and for how long to give us a chance to recover in either of those situations.  This has never been more important to have, than it is now.  The same goes for a Medical Durable Power of Attorney.  Without it, nobody has ongoing authority to make medical decisions for you on your behalf.  Both of these documents are a MUST HAVE right now.

Wills and trusts are important to administer your assets in the event of your disability or death.  Well drafted Wills or trusts are an important tool in your plan.  But right now, your emergency triage documents are your Living Will/Advanced Directive and your Medical Durable POA and your Financial Durable POA so someone can pay your bills while are you sick and unable to manage your finances.

For this reason, our office is offering a package of powers of attorneys and advanced directives for a reduced fee.  We know things are tough right now, but having these documents is vital.  We are able to sign and witness them for you remotely and meet you virtually, so please contact our office today.



Susie Germany, Owner & Lead Attorney of The Germany Law Firm

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