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Can A Guardianship Be Terminated?

Are you or someone you know under an adult guardianship?  Has the situation changed from the time the guardianship was created?  Are you or the person under guardianship now able to make their own healthcare decisions? Should the guardianship be terminated? Can the guardianship be terminated? Before we get to how to terminate a guardianship, […]

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Estate Planning

  How and when you depart, this world is often beyond your control. What you leave behind, how it gets distributed, and to whom, however, isn’t. Read on for what to consider in your estate planning process. What is an estate? An estate is more than just a fancy house. It encompasses tangible and intangible […]

The Downsides of DIY Wills

Estate planning can be emotionally taxing, so much so that people tend to avoid visiting an estate planning attorney, much like they avoid going to the doctor or the dentist. If you are one of those people who avoid visiting an attorney, or if you are considering using a fill-in-the-blank or do-it-yourself (DIY) will, this […]

Spring Cleaning: Reviewing Your Estate and Tax Planning Documents

A Conversation with Varra Financial Associates and The Germany Law Firm Colorado families should annually review their estate and tax planning documents, regardless of the number of assets they hold. Working in tandem with an experienced estate planning attorney and a financial planner is the best way to ensure your assets are protected for generations […]

Emergency Preparedness and Estate Planning in 2022

The past few years have taught us that life is never predictable. From COVID to natural disasters, Colorado has faced its fair share of emergencies. While it is impossible to predict when an emergency will occur, it is possible to plan for complex situations and protect your family, health, and assets in the event of […]

Small Business Succession and Estate Planning in 2022

Small business owners have spent the past two years learning valuable lessons in flexibility, remote management, and succession planning. Even so, only 58% of small business owners have a succession plan in place. Without both a succession and estate plan in place, entrepreneurs risk their business failing in the event of disability and death. Businesspersons care about the […]

The best gift for your family is preparation.

As your family comes together for the holidays, you have a rare opportunity to discuss your estate planning and the future.  Some good conversation starters are: Have you created an estate plan that includes a will or trust? Do you have a care plan in case you get sick and the related legal documents you […]

News Release: The Germany Law Firm, P.C. continues expanding.

  Contact: Amy Tallent, The Tallent Company, [email protected], 720-460-1826 For immediate release (Erie, Colorado)- The Germany Law Firm, P.C. is excited to announce the opening of its newest location in Louisville, Colorado. “It’s important to us that we are as accessible as possible to clients all over the Front Range and Northern Colorado.  Opening this […]

Why your college student needs legal planning documents

What Happens if Your Child Has an Emergency While Away at College? By Susie Germany, Esq. As your buzzing cell phone wakes you up in the middle of the night, you realize what time it is and orient yourself. It is a number you do not recognize. When you answer the phone, you realize the […]

Coronavirus Updates & Information in the Legal World

By The Germany Law Firm In the last month, our world has changed significantly and we want to highlight just a few major changes that you should be aware of. The Germany Law Firm, P.C. is open and working remotely to keep our staff and clients safe. We recognize that now more than ever is […]

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