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The Germany Law Firm, P.C. welcomes new attorney

The Germany Law Firm, P.C. is pleased to announce the addition of Laura Glaze to its firm! Ms. Glaze has over seventeen years’ of experience as an attorney and has concentrated her practice in the area of wills, estates, guardianships, conservatorships, and probate litigation. She also represented clients in commercial transactions, real property title correction […]

Featured on Mind of a Millionaire podcast!

Owner & Lead Attorney, Susie Germany of The Germany Law Firm, P.C. is featured on Mind of a Millionaire podcast. Listen to Susie discuss the ins and outs of creating a trust and answers several questions that we are frequently asked regarding estate planning.

Meet Harmony – Guide Dog in Training

If you’ve visited our Erie office recently you may have met Harmony, a 6-month old Labrador Retriever puppy currently in training to become a Guide Dog for the Blind.  Harmony is the 5th puppy that Germany Law Firm’s legal assistant, Cathy Baker, has raised and trained. Cathy also raised Harmony’s mother, Ocean, who is now […]

Fraud in the Family

JONATHAN BARTLETT The people you know best are most likely to cheat or swindle you by Gary Weiss, AARP The Magazine When you think of the villains who defraud older people, you might picture crooks hacking into bank accounts or selling bogus stocks. But don’t be misled. The real scoundrels might be sitting at your next family […]

Changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Special Recognition

The Germany Law Firm is grateful for you, our clients, and we appreciate the trust you place in us to assist with your legal needs. We continued to experience steady growth in 2017 and now have offices in Denver, Erie, Brighton, and Loveland! As we grow we remain committed to providing you with quality, personalized, […]

How to prepare financially for being a widow/widower

by Robert Powell, Special for USA TODAY Among the risks that married couples face in retirement, this one is unavoidable. It’s the risk of becoming a widow or widower. And that risk comes with some dramatic consequences, according to a Society of Actuaries report, “Managing Post-Retirement Risks: A Guide to Retirement Planning.” According to that report, […]

Planning for the Future – 10 Tips for Special Needs Families

When caring for a child or loved one with special needs, it’s important to understand what resources are available to you, and what steps can be taken to provide quality care and financial security vital to your dependent’s lifetime needs. With proper planning, you can protect your loved ones and help secure their well-being today […]

Your estate plan needs an update, even if it is new

Reuters / Beth Pinsker Got a dusty old binder with your will and estate plan? Even if you had your paperwork set up a few years ago, all of your documents are now out of date, thanks to new tax laws that went into effect at the turn of the year. “Blow the dust off […]

Are Your Heirs Stuck with Your Charity Pledges?

Generally speaking, if you promise to give something of value to a charity, that promise constitutes a legal debt. There are nuances and exceptions, but your death is not normally one of them. Should you pass away leaving an unfulfilled, promised charitable donation to a nonprofit or charity, your heirs will have to deal with it in one fashion or another. […]

Do you know the 5 Retirement Housekeeping Moves you should review for 2018?

By reviewing the following items now, you’ll alleviate the stress and frustration of having to manage a loved one’s estate in a pinch. #1: Review IRA beneficiary forms (not your will) to see who you’ve identified to inherit the IRA after you die. #2: Update 401(k) forms. By law, your spouse gets this account if […]

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